The #1 Reason Not to Wait to List Your House for Sale

Since hitting a low point during the initial stages of the pandemic, the only major industry to display immunity to the economic impacts of the coronavirus is the housing market. Housing has experienced a strong V-shaped recovery and is now exceeding pre-pandemic levels.”

How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Many real estate agents consider an open house a vital part of the home-selling process. An open house allows several prospective buyers to see a home in a single day. In some cases, the sellers receive one or more offers soon after an open house and are able to close the deal in a relatively short period of time.

Kitchen Problems to Look for before Buying a Fixer-Upper

A minor kitchen remodel such as changing hardware, resurfacing cabinets and other minor improvements can earn a return on investment of 83 percent, according to the 2016 Cost vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine. An 83 percent return means that for every $100 spent on improvements, the home’s value increases by $83, on average. That won’t pay …

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A cluttered home can become overwhelming. Instead of dumping your unwanted items in the trash when you’re cleaning the house, donate them to a charity. Donating clothes, furniture and other things is an easy way to help people in need, claim a tax deduction and lessen the load on your local landfill. Here are some …

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